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10 Reasons to Host a Bake Sale

Want to use your baking skills to raise money for a good cause, but you’re unsure of “what” cause to host a fundraiser for? Check out this post – it has 10 reasons to host a bake sale that are sure to get you in the kitchen!

10 Reasons to Host a Bake Sale

Earlier, we talked about How to Host a Bake Sale, so I thought it would be a good idea to give you some reasons why you should, right?

Here you go…

10 Reasons to Host a Bake Sale

  1. Sports Teams – Does your son or daughter play sports? These teams usually need extra funding to pay for uniforms and sports equipment, not to mention busing and meals for games! Help out by hosting a fundraiser featuring sports themed baked goods! Like soccer or basketball shaped cookies!
  2. Scouts – Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts take lots of trips and they also require a great deal of craft materials, tools and food for meetings. Help out by hosting a bake sale to raise extra funds for these smaller projects.
  3. Class/School Events – Many school classes need to raise funds for their own classroom needs and for extra-curricular activities. Offer to have a bake sale at the next big community event to raise some extra money for your local school.
  4. Educational Field Trips (Independent) – Do you homeschool or do you just enjoy taking your children on education field trips? Raise some funds to take them to faraway lands using your awesome baking skills!
  5. Private Schools – Do your children attend private school? Host a bake sale to raise money for the school or even for your children’s tuition!
  6. Disease – Have you lost a family member or close friend to a terrible disease? Raise funds for that organization so they can continue research to fight these awful conditions! There are associations and organizations for almost all major medical issues, just do a quick search on google to find any of them.
  7. Hospital Funding – Love your local medical care? Offer to host a bake sale for their next fundraiser!
  8. Animals – Your local SPCA or animal shelter is sure to need some extra money. These organizations usually run completely on donations! But, don’t forget to make some baked treats for the pets, too!
  9. Nature Preservation – Is a local nature preserve in need of some funds?
  10. Your New Bakery Business Start-Up – Give the neighborhood a taste of your delicious baked goods and earn some extra funds to get your business started! Be sure to include some freebies, like mini cookies or muffins.

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I hope these ideas help you find a ton of reasons to host a bake sale in your local community!

Have a Great Day!


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