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Planting A Kid Friendly Snacking Garden

Planting a kid friendly snacking garden is almost as important as planning a garden we can get a lot of canned items out of! We are an outdoor enthusiast family so we spend as much time as we can exploring and playing in the fresh air. Having a garden the kids can help plant, harvest AND snack on the go from is crucial.

I try to make sure there are at least 5 different varieties of plants that they can very literally pick and run with! It keeps them consuming healthy foods and I also use it as an educational opportunity to teach them about the growing and harvesting season and it fosters a sense of responsibility in them!

planting a snacking garden

Some things to consider when choosing what to plant in a kid friendly snacking garden are…

  • Vegetables that are smaller in size 
  • Easy to pick without disrupting the plant
  • Plants that don’t have thorns or other abrasive or sharp stems or bases
  • Colorful and fun varieties will keep them more intrigued
  • Options that do not need cutting or de-seeding

You will want to be sure you plant these vegetables in an area that is easy for children to access independently. If you are including your little ones in the full process and they are aiding in the initial planting process this will help in this!

Make sure you educate them on how to properly remove each snacking veggie from the vine or plant so that it will continue to produce for you. 

snacking carrots

Here are some wonderful options for a kid friendly snacking garden..


Rainbow carrot blends are a vibrant and fun variety that doesn’t grow too large either

Cherry Tomatoes

These “Sweetie” tomatoes are small enough to grab and snack and sweet enough to satisfy those tiny tummies!


The perfect taste of summer comes in a handful of fresh berries. Check out this variety pack for different options!


Mini cucumbers are the perfect option for a crunchy, quick snack.

Green beans

This stringless green bean is an excellent fresh treat for kids and easy to grab and munch on.


The best snap off and go snack! These snap peas are delicious right off the bush.


Buttercrunch lettuce is ideal for munching on. It is extra sweet and great even right out of the garden.

Micro greens

A variety pack of different micros is a great way to start a quick growing, fun and adventurous munching madness!

sprout snacking

After the seeds are in the soil, include the kids in the process as your sprouts come and then growth takes place. Use it as a teaching experience! 

Having knowledge on how to successfully grow your own food is an incredibly beneficial skill!

Have a great time bonding over growth and then growing from your hard work. Let your littles snack away without worries!

snacking tomato

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