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Winter Outdoor Activities For Families

I am a firm believer in fresh air is good for a kiddos soul and these winter outdoor activities are perfect for the whole family. 

We are outdoor enthusiasts and supporters of learning and imaginative free play within nature. 

If you truly use your own creativity there is endless things to do and experience outside as a family during every season.

Getting everyone outside – even in the winter months- will help in battling cabin fever, restlessness and can even strengthen immune systems, too! 

Here are 3 creative winter outdoor activities for families…

1.) Frozen Suncatchers

This activity will help promote exploration. 

Materials Needed:

  • A container. This can be a cake pan, throw away cooking tin, dog bowl, or Tupperware container!
  • A type of string. Ex: Yarn, twine, fishing line
  • 5-10 outdoor items focusing on a variety of textures, colors and sizes
  • Want a little more color? Add in some dried citrus peels/slices or dried fruit!
  • Water

Collecting Decorations for Frozen Suncatchers | Food Life Design

You may also turn it into an educational lesson!

Talk about- the properties of each item collected, sink vs. float during the freezing process, temperature of freezing, observe and chart the process of melting!

Making The Suncatchers:

1.) Collect your materials during a hike in your own yard or through the woods!

2.) Lay out everything needed

3.) Arrange your nature collections how you would like them in your container

4.) Add 1-2 inches of water, slowly so that it does not disrupt the arrangement of materials

5.) Create a loop with only the open ends of the “hanger” material left outside of the water so it does not freeze.

Optional: to create more color drop in a few drops of food coloring OR boil the water before dumping (it will appear less cloudy)

6.) Allow to freeze overnight outside or in the freezer

DIY Frozen Suncatchers | Food Life Design

Winter Outdoor Activities for Families | Food Life Design

Winter Outdoor Activities for Families | Food Life Design

Add in a few drops of food coloring to make it a little more colorful!

Be sure to have something to use as a “hanger” for once things have frozen up. You can use yarn or twine too! 

Double check that there is enough slack left outside of the water to hang from a tree or a plant hanger outside. 

Frozen Suncatchers - Winter Outdoor Activities for Families | Food Life Design

Winter Outdoor Activities- Frozen Suncatchers | Food Life Design

Hang outside and enjoy until the weather warms enough to melt them through! 

Using food coloring will not be harmful to pets or wildlife. 

2.) Food Color Snow Painting

Bring some color into the world of snowy white hills!

Let your mini Picasso’s go wild.

Winter Outdoor Activities - Snow Paint | Food Life Design

Paint an outdoor garden, a summer city scene or just tye-dye the snow!


  • Water squirting bottles of some sort. I purchased these at the dollar store for $1 each and they can be re-used time and time again. Here’s a similar set from Amazon.
  • Another option: water squirt guns for a little less controlled painting fun!
  • Variety of food coloring colors
  • Your creative mind! 

Winter Outdoor Activities - Snow Painting | Food Life Design

Outdoor Winter Activities | Food Life Design

3.) Snow Cream and Cocoa Party

Have you ever eaten snow? How about snow cream? It is a delightful and adventurous little winter treat. 

What Will You Need?

  • Container of fresh, clean snow
  • Milk 
  • Granulated sugar
  • Vanilla extract
  • Something to add in: chocolate chips/chunks, sprinkles, fresh chopped berries

The quantity of ingredients depends on how sweet you’d like it! 

“Essence of love with sweet chocolate and Strawberries # 2 [Happy Chocholate day].” by Jangra Works is licensed under CC BY 2.0

How To Make It?

  1. Whisk together all of your ingredients except your snow.
  2. Get your fresh snow and mix into milk mixture until it is a fluffy consistency. Immediately enjoy before it melts!

Warm yourself up with a hot chocolate on the side. 

I hope that you enjoy some of these outside the box winter outdoor activities for families!

Get outside and get creating!

Love, light and a little grace…