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School Lunch Ideas for the Whole Week

Need some school lunch ideas for your kiddos? Check out this post – it’s packed full of ideas for the whole week!

It’s that time of year again, you guys! There’s only a few weeks left of summer vacation and it’s time to start planning for the school year…not to mention school lunch ideas!

Are your kids bored with their school lunch? Sick and tired of taking sandwiches every single day of the week or worse yet…eating school lunch?

Spice up their lunch options with delicious treats that are easy to prepare at home and don’t require reheating at school.

It is time to create new lunch favorites and ban the old stand-by’s (or at least banish them to once a week).

The school lunch ideas below are a snap to prepare and the kids will love the new variety…

School Lunch Ideas


Cold pizza muffins
Homemade snack mix (nuts, M & M’s, mini marshmallows and dried cranberries)
Sliced apples (add a tablespoon of lemonade or lemon juice to the apples to reduce browning)


Cracker-wiches (crackers with lunch meat and cheese cut in small chunks or slices)
Sliced veggies and dip
Cubed pineapple


Egg salad sandwich
Sliced tomatoes with mayonnaise
Mandarin oranges


Cold chicken melts
Baby carrots


Mini hot dogs with ketchup and mustard
Cheese cubes
Broccoli with ranch dip

Drink Ideas

Instead of buying expensive juice boxes every week, pick up a reusable drink container the kids can use in their school lunches every day. Fill the container with homemade drinks or juice to save money and give the kids a variety to choose from each week.

Here’s some ideas…

Chocolate milk
Regular milk
Iced tea
Orange juice
Apple juice
Cranberry juice
Grape juice
Other fruit juices
Fruit smoothies
Flavored water (add a tablespoon or two of fruit juice to water to add flavor)


I hope these school lunch ideas inspire you to create a delicious masterpiece in your child’s lunch box…every single day!

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Have an Awesome Day!